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What is this project all about?
This project is a collection of samples and demos I've created based on the experience out of concrete projects with partners and customers.

All samples and demos published in this repository are based on experience, discussions and questions that came up during project-engagements with partners and customers as well as during personal projects I use for myself.

Samples and demos are abstract use cases based on true, real-world scenarios and don't have anything to do with concrete use cases of my projects and engagements. They are supposed to showcase possible solutions for challenges partners and customers have with Microsoft technologies.

Started in August 2013 with the first sample published, the repository will fill up over time.

Some things to consider:
  • The project uses GIT as source code control system.
  • In all of the Visual Studio projects I am using NuGet so that no assembly references are missing when everyone "updates" the NuGet packages after the repository has been cloned.

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